from siolo thompson

Here you can see the Linestrider Queen of Wands and the Rider-Waite-Colman Queen of Wands. This character has a strong, charismatic personality and is quick-witted and generous - in both cards those features are represented by the color yellow and the sunflowers. Black cats are also usually included in any illustration or depiction of the Queen of Wands, they are typically associated with magic and occultism and can expresses the independent nature of this Queen and her interest in and ability to harness the energy of magic. I've also included a dark cloud of ink in my drawing because there is a dark element to this card. As we all know, any highly charismatic or powerful person has the potential for darkness - they can be manipulative, power hungry, and domineering. She can be as warm and welcoming as the sun but can also be dark and moody, and like most powerful figures, her darkness can affect the people and environment around her. As a powerful character her influence over others should not be underestimated. 

A Bit About the Linestrider Tarot Deck

Linestrider is a tarot deck that dances on the edge of magic and logic, animal and human, the conscious and unconscious mind. Drawing inspiration from that edge while still moving forward on the Fool's journey, that is line striding. Personally, the creation of the deck has been a journey for me as well. I've drawn each card several times until the I felt that the right voice had manifested. I've come to understand the cards in a much deeper way as I sat quietly, with each one and tried to hear it's voice. The deck is gentle and whimsical while not being overly superficial. The Linestrider deck features  a lot of animal imagery, many of the important archetypes manifested as animal spirits (for example the Hermit as a bear and the Magician as a monkey) an important reminder to listen to nature and seek guidance from her voice rather than only looking to the cold intelligence of man.

But can I read the deck??

As a fan of artist decks and fun, fancy decks I often run into cards where the artist's rendition is somewhat baffling. While some folks just collect decks as beautiful objects for many of us reading from the decks is important. I've tried to illustrate these cards keeping in mind the folks that will use them for readings. If you are familiar with the Rider-Waite-Colman deck, you should, with a little practice, have no trouble with the Linestrider system. For example:

Linestrider Tarot